Creation of ASI 4.0 (Industrial Solutions Alliance)

We are pleased to inform you that ER INGENIERIE, MCR and Minitec France are joining forces to create ASI 4.0: Alliance de Solutions Industrielles 4.0.

Robotics, automation, mechanics, vision, supervision, tracking, process engineering, and many other skills, ASI 4.0 aims to become a major player in the development and integration of 4.0 technologies in your projects. In the form of a GME (Groupement Momentan√© d’Entreprises), the purpose of our alliance is to offer you an offer combining the flexibility of an SME with the strength of a group for “turnkey” services, from the study to the implementation and commissioning of your projects.

How does it work in practice? For our customers: A single point of contact and the teams of 3 expert and qualified companies working on their services! For more information, contact us via email: or visit our website:

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