More than 30 years of experience in the engineering, study, manufacture and implementation of special machines and CO2 extraction machines

Our locations

Located in Nancy, ER INGENIERIE ensures its development in the Maghreb and Africa through its two subsidiaries in Tangier, Morocco and its branch in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.


ER INGENIERIE Maroc is located in the GZENAYA industrial zone outside the free zone, it has a design office, a production workshop (machining, assembly and cabling) which allows us to integrate the achievement aspect into our local skills.

ER INGENIERIE TFZ, is located in the free zone of Tangier.

ER INGENIERIE AO (Afrique de l’Ouest) is located in Abidjan, Ivory Coast.

The aim of those 2 Moroccan entities is to offer manufacturing industries our expertise and turnkey solutions for the study and implementation of their industrial projects.

The integration of available local resources and skills combined with the expertise we have had since 1987, allows us to respond properly to the expectations of our customers located in the Maghreb and Africa: quality, continuous improvement, competitiveness, proximity, responsiveness.

After the opening of its two Moroccan subsidiaries in 2013 and 2016, ER INGENIERIE continues its international development by opening a new entity ER INGENIERIE A.O.

This approach is in line with our exchanges with the Ivorian government delegation in June 2018 in Nancy initiated by the CCEF (French Foreign Trade Advisors) then in November 2018 in Abidjan where we exhibited at the FICIA – International Forum of Commerce and Industry in Abidjan.

This is the opportunity to develop our activity on the spot, to meet new partners, but also to strengthen the relations between our country and this country in full economic growth .

Study and achievement of tailor-made means of production for various industries:

  • Automotive
  • Food processing
  • Chemistry-Pharmacy
  • Cosmetics
  • Environment

A multidisciplinary team of engineers and technicians will assist you, from the study to the maintenance of your production resources.

Engineering & Study

Manufacture of special machines & Implementation

Installation & Commissioning



Tailor-made and innovative solutions to meet your objectives:

Of productivity gains
Of quality
Of improvement and management of your processes
Of integration of new technologies

Notre bureau d'étude

Un projet ? Une problématique ? Une innovation ? Une amélioration continue ? Un suivi de projet ?

L’étendue des savoirs faire et les expériences cumulées font de ER INGENIERIE un partenaire qui prend en charge, maîtrise et vous accompagne en amont de vos projets et au cours de leur réalisation.

Audit, Consulting et Ingénierie

Mécanique, électricité, automatisme et génie des procédés

Our know-how

Engineering, study, design and turnkey implementation of your industrial project


  • Industrial electricity
  • Automatism
  • Information Technology
  • Mechanics
  • Fluid mechanics
  • Process engineering
  • Robotics
  • Pneumatics
  • Vision
  • Non-destructive testing

Application areas

  • Engineering, studies
  • Project management
  • Manufacturing (machining, cabling, assembly, development, testing)
  • Manufacture of special machines
  • Manufacture of CO2 extraction machines
  • Industrial process
  • Robotic solutions
  • Retrofit
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical processes
  • Supervision
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Treatment and recovery of V.O.C.s

Means of study

  • C.A.D. Mechanical Station
  • C.A.D. Electric Station
  • C.A.D. Station Processes
  • Programming tool
  • SCADA supervision Display
  • Robotics
  • Vision


  • On-site installation
  • Integration with the environment
  • Commissioning of the system
  • Mechanics, assembly, adjustment,
  • Assembly, locksmithing, piping
  • Electrical, pneumatic and hydraulic wiring
  • Machining (turning, milling, grinding)
  • Retrofit of equipment, maintenance
Skills, rigor & all
along methodology
History of the company

ER INGENIERIE was created in 1987 by Marie-Odile and Christian FAIVRE who, after a professional career of several years in export, decided to offer services to French customers in the field of industrial electro-automatism.
From a 70m² premises, ER INGENIERIE obtains its first orders from customers such as TRAILOR, BSN, VALEO, DANONE, BARPHONE, EAUX DE VITTEL…

The satisfaction of its customers has enabled ER INGENIERIE to move forward by developing new skills, particularly in mechanics, industrial IT, control and regulation to provide turnkey mechanized and automated installations.

Thanks to its technical expertise and in particular the development of standard assembly lines, ER INGENIERIE has been able to develop its activities internationally by carrying out turnkey projects in Abu Dhabi, United Kingdom, China, Spain, Italy, Mexico and the Czech Republic.
In 2000, ER INGENIERIE created a secondary establishment in
Pessac in Gironde and obtained the ISO 9001 certification.

As the implementation of new technologies remains ER INGENIERIE’s priority, with the aim of meeting the requirements of new markets, ER INGENIERIE keeps investing in CAD, simulation tools, vision and robot systems integration and recruitment, by enhancing its skills. In 2005, the company becomes part of the SOFIMECA group, which will lead to the sale of the secondary establishment in Pessac.
In view of the first slowdowns observed in the automotive industry in particular, and of greater competition in this sector, ER INGENIERIE is directing its actions towards new sectors such as agri-food, chemicals and the environment, thanks to all the research and development work carried out over the past few years.
ER INGENIERIE wins the “Lorraine Export de l’export insolite” trophy in 2009 for the special GYMOTOX machine designed to detect chemical pollution of water by means of electric fishes.

ER INGENIERIE strengthens its presence in the chemical-pharmaceutical and environmental sectors and obtains its first public procurement contracts.
In 2010, all the share capital is taken over by the current shareholders.
In 2013, ER INGENIERIE opens its first subsidiary in Morocco in a free zone (ER INGENIERIE TFZ), which marks the culmination of a development project launched in 2009 and which responds to the economic growth of the automotive industry in Morocco. The new Moroccan entity thus makes it possible to offer local industrialists, equipment manufacturers, the agri-food industry, the chemical-pharmaceutical industry and the environmental sector expertise and turnkey solutions for the study and execution of their industrial projects.
In 2014, the company continues its development by strengthening its design office by recruiting specialists in process engineering, fluid mechanics, industrial vision and robotics.
ER INGENIERIE pursues its two development axes in new technologies and exports, the company is also involved in various professional organizations and participates in numerous trade shows and B2B meetings.
In 2016, ER INGENIERIE opens its second Moroccan subsidiary outside the free zone (ER INGENIERIE MAROC).

Plant of the future

Together, let’s innovate for tomorrow

What is it about?

  • A new technological revolution is underway! It is called “Factory of the Future” or “Factory 4.0”.
  • The digital revolution is disrupting the society and generating new behaviors and needs. A national movement has begun to turn our factories into modern, connected and competitive factories.

Our involvement in this movement:

  • Integration into the FFLOR platform (« Future Of Factory Lorraine » promoted by CEA Tech)
  • Participation to the industry fair of the future

FFLOR platform

  • Located in PSA Trémery’s engine plant, a 1,000 m2 facility provides access to high value-added technologies. Users and members of the platform, such as ER INGENIERIE, must be able to experiment there new solutions in order to improve production cycles on assembly lines.
  • Its characteristic is that it is an open laboratory, within PSA’s premises. CEA Tech leads the platform and organizes the projects set-up. FFLOR gets end users, integrators and equipment manufacturers working together.
  • Once validated, the production scale models designed on site are intended to integrate its solutions into the production lines. All manufacturers will be able to share their experiences and look for ways to optimize their production cycles, a great stimulating and collaborative tool.

The 4 key topics

  • Cooperative robotics to share a task or a space with an operator.
    Intelligent manipulators for safe load movement or force application.
  • Virtual reality for the design of new workstations, operator training or ergonomic analysis of workstations by minimizing the risks associated with musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs).
  • Intelligent logistics for automatic in-line supply as well as connectivity and interoperability of systems via open source solutions.

ER INGENIERIE is part of the alliance of industrial solutions 4.0

The team

A full team to ensure the quality of our services and guarantee the customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction


Trust and Ethics

Quality of our products and services

Human development

Our Quality Policy

Compliance with the specifications

Skills & dedicated interlocutors

Cost control & Profitability

Handling deadlines & Responsiveness

Compliance with regulations


ISO 9001 – OHSAS 18001




of skills and professional qualifications



  • Unusual export trophy (Lorraine export)
  • Technology Innovation Trophy (Golden Ester)
  • Export Grand Prize (Industrial society of the East)
  • Safety challenge delivered by the DSM group


  • ARIA
  • Saint Jacques Association
  • Lorraine Medical Industries
  • FFLOR platform
  • CCI Nancy Métropole: Christian Faivre, Elected
  • CCI Grand Est: Christian Faivre, Associate Member
  • Foreign Trade: Christian Faivre, Elected Councillor