Chemical Processing

Manufacturer of industrial equipments for new extraction processes using supercritical carbon dioxide and subcritical water.

ER INGENIERIE designs and manufactures extraction and fractionation equipments for pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemistry actors from laboratory to industrial scale.

Some examples of the processes developed at ER INGENIERIE :

  • High pressure extraction with different fluids (CO2, H2O, Alcohols, Ethers, Alkanes…)
  • Liquid materials fractionation (Omega-3)
  • API encapsulation by jet atomization
  • Production of nanometric powders for galenic purpose
  • Impregnation of materials (tissues dying, chemical reactions on organic materials)
  • Contaminants elimination (pesticides, plastics recycling)
  • VOCs treatments

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Know how & Applications



There is a wide range of possibilities for the high-pressure treatment of natural products. We can extract solids like plants for perfume industry (lavender, roses, jasmine…) and for food industry (vitamins, antioxidants, aromas…) as well as fractionation of liquid raw materials (unsaturated fatty acids separation) and elimination of dangerous materials like pesticides and allergens. According to clients request ER INGENIERIE is able to provide initial feasibility study or design and manufacture an equipment or do the complete process (from initial idea to the machine implementation).


  • Laboratory studies (trials)
  • High pressure extractions of plants
  • High pressure extractions of see products (algae, fishes, krill)
  • Pesticides elimination treatment
  • Fungicides impregnation treatments

  • Extraction of omegas 3, 6 and 9
  • EPA / DHA fractionation
  • Polyphenols extraction
  • Flavonoids extraction
  • Extraction of essential oils (terpene derivatives)
  • Vitamins extraction (tocopherol)
  • Alkaloids extraction (nicotine, caffeine)



Cosmetic industry is continuously progressing for more than 40 years. Still today, this sector is constantly researching new products and processes so as to enrich their consumer product line.
It’s in this context that ER INGENIERIE offers a large range of equipments dedicated to these applications.

Know how

  • Essential oils extractions
  • Emulsion, body oils manufacturing
  • Natural dyes extractions
  • Improved penetration of active products with adapted formulation

  • Perfumery
  • Soap factory
  • Solar products, cream
  • Organic products (ECOCERT)



The techniques of extraction, pulverization, micro-encapsulation by means of high pressure fluids lead to new possibilities for drug manufacturing (galenic).
Complementary to classical processes like coacervation, spray-drying, evaporation, fluidized bed, the processes based on supercritical fluids use permit to achieve better performances in terms of biodisponibility of the active product. Same remark for APIs encapsulation.

Know how

  • APIs extraction from plants (carbon dioxide or water or…)
  • Galenic – Slow release pharmaceutical forms
  • Biodisponibility control
  • cGMP equipments manufacturing
  • Chemical reactions in supercritical media
  • Viruses and bacteria inactivation

  • Therapeutic cannabis (CBD)
  • Phyto-ingredients
  • Atomization with high pressure fluids
  • Encapsulation
  • Delipidation (vaccines)
  • Cleaning and degreasing of bones implants
  • Viruses and bacteria inactivation with CO2
  • Bioresorbable tissues manufacturing (surgery) and functionalized (surface treatment)

Défense et Recherche



Chemistry / Materials


High pressure applications can be used in many different industrial domains like micro-electronics, metallurgy, construction building, plastics, lubricants… In parallel, significant progress were made on recycling field (phthalates) and in environmental cleanup (soils, sewage). Adapted equipments are already available.

Know how

  • Aerogel drying (mineral or organic)
  • Cleaning / activation of metallic pieces
  • Drying steps in electronic wafers manufacturing
  • Metallic powders drying
  • Elimination of molding waxes
  • Fluorinated liquid polymers fractionation
  • Destruction of ultimate wastes with supercritical water

  • Micro-electronics (cleaning ang drying)
  • Aerogels (fundamental physics, construction buildings, spatial…)
  • Cutting tools manufacturing (sintered metals)
  • Recycling materials
  • Hazardous substances destruction (combat gas)
  • Activated carbon regeneration (VOCs treatment)
  • Monomers / oligomers elimination (after polymerization step)
  • Dying of tissues (polyester) without using water

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Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2

Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2 PRINCIPLE OF SUPERCRITICAL CO2 : Any fluid can become supercritical depending on pressure and temperature conditions. In the supercritical field, the fluid has particular physico-chemical properties: - high density (like liquids) - low viscosity (like gases) - near gas...

Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2

Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2 PRINCIPLE : This CO2 extraction skid is designed to extract different APIs (pharmaceutical active substances) from a plant raw material. This skid is mainly composed of : - a CO2 pump, - an extractor with a basket, - a...

Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2

Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2 The advantages of using CO2 : Low critical point: 31°C and 74 bar Inexpensive, chemically inert, non-toxic, non-flammable, available, with high purity selective extraction of molecules with pressure and temperature variation extracts and residues are free of solvents This...

Semi-Industrial extraction unit using the properties of subcritical water and supercritical CO2

Semi-Industrial extraction unit using the properties of subcritical water and supercritical CO2 Principle: Subcritical water or supercritical CO2 extraction skid. It is a multi-product unit designed to extract essential oils for the cosmetics industry. The skid is mainly composed of : A CO2 reserve A...

Spray Skid & Particle Formation by Supercritical Fluids

Spray Skid & Particle Formation by Supercritical Fluids Principle Multi-process laboratory skid: FAME (Fluid Assisted Micro-Encapsulation) and SAS (Supercritical AntiSolvent). This skid allows atomization thanks to the properties of supercritical CO2. It is mainly composed of : - Two high pressure autoclaves - A CO2...

Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2

It is designed to extract different APIs (pharmaceutical active substances) from a vegetable raw material.

“Persée” bench

For iodine injection systems.

ATEX mixing mobile tank

Solid/liquid mixing tanks for cosmetic processes in ATEX zone.