Industrial extraction unit using supercritical CO2

The advantages of using CO2 :

Low critical point: 31°C and 74 bar
Inexpensive, chemically inert, non-toxic, non-flammable, available, with high purity
selective extraction of molecules with pressure and temperature variation
extracts and residues are free of solvents

This skid includes :

– a CO2 pump,
– an extractor with a basket,
– a separator,
– a utility network (compressed air, hot and cold water)
– a SCADA system..


Type of process

Supercritical and subcritical CO2 extraction.

Business sector

Food / pharmaceutical / chemical / cosmetic / environmental industries

Product features

Vegetable raw material.
Extracted molecules intended for pharmaceutical use.


Cleanability + CIP (cleaning in place system).
Machine must be transportable on a truck.

Principle and operation

Supercritical CO2 extraction :
Any fluid can become supercritical depending on pressure and temperature conditions. In the supercritical field, the fluid has particular physico-chemical properties :

– high density (like liquids)
– low viscosity (like gases)
– near gas diffusion coefficient



Height 5.4 m, length 5.2 m, width 4.2 m.


Pharmaceutical regulations (cGMP, FDA, GAMP5, 21CFR part 1). Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) / EC regulations / ATEX regulations.

Pressure & Flow rate

Operating conditions max. 350 bar / 80 °C.

Tanks volume

One 290 L extractor / One 150 L separator.


Complete control of the machine by a notified body / Qualification process according to pharmaceutical standards.