Automatic washer unstackers for grinding machines

Customer objectives :

Automate the unstacking of washers of variable dimensions on a grinding machine to reduce the operator load

  • Manual loading of the washers into the unstackers,
  • Vertical carriage for lifting/lowering washers via an electric actuator,
  • Detection of the washer to be unstacked via laser beam,
  • Unstacking by means of a pneumatic movement with variable stroke on a customer conveyor belt,
  • Conveyor saturation management,
  • Flexible assembly to adapt to a wide range of washer sizes and surface finishes (raw or ground, dry or oiled washers),
  • Ensure a minimum autonomy of 15min.


Product concerned

Flat steel parts, rough cutting or rolling or grinding, diameter 60 to 200mm, thickness 1.5 to 10mm.

Business sector



The machine can handle a large number of references with quick campaign changeover and precise settings, and ensures a significant autonomy to reduce the operator load.


Variable dimensions

Variable surface conditions,

Autonomy of 15min

Available space



Height: 2.3m Length: 1.1m Width: 1.1m


Washer dimensions: 60≤ Ø≤80 Thickness 1.5 to 4 Output (Parts/minute): 60 Washer dimensions: 80< Ø≤100 Thickness 1.5 to 6 Rate (pieces/minute) : 40 Washer dimensions: 100< Ø≤135 Thickness 1.5 to 6 Output (Parts/minute): 25 Washer dimensions: 135< Ø≤200 Thickness 1.5 to 8 Output (Parts/minute): 20