Aluminum air distributor assembly line

Main function of the line :

The line allows the assembly of the aluminium body, the “variable inlet” assembly with its complete linkage (bearings, valves, bar, lever, connecting rod, joint) the EGR tube, the electric actuator, the various joints, clips, screws and support plates.

Line mainly composed of :

-2 semi-automatic assembly stations
-100% automatic intermediate assembly station.
-100% automatic control station for carrying out tests on the assembled products.
-6-axis robot with safety functions and double gripper to ensure part transfers from station to station and to carry out certain assembly operations.

Details and function of the integrated technologies:

-6 axis robot
-Management of common work areas between operators and robot
-Multiple automatic dispensing of components by vibrating bowls
-Multiple automatic faces with torque-angle control and analogue stroke measurement.
-Multiple automatic lubrication
-Semi-automatic seal placement
-Multiple press-in operations with analogue stroke measurement
-Multiple presence and position controls, in particular by probes, fibre optics, laser, …
-Tightness check of the assembled product
-Electrical control
-Hot stamping
-Automatic management of finished product and scrap via conveyor belts
-Traceability system centralized on the islet
-Integration of parts procurement


Product Concerned

Aluminium air distributor

Business sector



Complex assembly kinematics, multiple operations carried out in masked time.
Line designed to allow the transition to a “station to station” mode without robot for the end of the product’s life.
Safety management, especially in the common work areas between operators and robot.
Increasing production rate in “rising edge” mode due to the volumes expected by the end customer.